IT that works for you

Started in 2004, Coulson Technologies is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in York. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on Coulson Technologies for complete IT services and support:

  • We Have The Unique Ability To Address Your IT Needs – From Vision Through Long-Term Support. We assist from vision to design and planning, to product specification through pricing and acquisition, to installation, implementation, documentation and project management, to post-project support of you and/or your users. This allows you to have one consistent team to work with that understands your environment, your people, how you work and your history, which means you don’t have to waste time educating us.
  • We Support Both On-Premise And Cloud Solutions. Some IT firms won’t offer or recommend cheaper cloud solutions because THEY make less money. Our philosophy is – and always has been – to offer what’s BEST for the customer, not us. That’s how we keep so many customers long-term. We’ll base our recommendations on what YOU want and what YOU feel most comfortable with. Our job is to lay out your options, educate you on the pros and cons of each and guide you to the best, most cost-effective solution for you.
  • We Use Our Vendor Relationships To YOUR Advantage. Having an advanced level of partnership with key vendors (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, VMware, Dell and HP) allows us access to special pre- and post-project assistance support levels that most “partners” do not have. We are able to provide the right solutions, priced right and validated -by the vendor, so if any issues come up, we can get them resolved quickly and effectively.
  • We Have Flexible, Tailored-To-Your-Needs Support Options to help you better manage your environment. We provide our customers with a variety of managed support options, ranging from back-end maintenance and monitoring for issues to user help-desk support with ticketing to strategy and budget and asset/license life-cycle management. We have successfully provided these services for over 15 years and can create a solution specifically for you and your team.
  • We schedule system upgrades and fixes after normal business hours to save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. System upgrades, fixes, and installations can bring down your computer network for several hours. For your convenience, we’ll schedule our engineers to perform this work after hours so there is minimal interruption to your business activities.
  • We are big enough to handle any computer project, but still small enough to provide you with the individual attention you deserve. Our clients tell us, working with friendly, polite and good humored engineers is as important as the skills and responsive service they provide. It is important that the people you and your users communicate with, know who you are, understand your needs, listen and empathize with you. Having close relationships, means ALL your users will be as productive as possible and having happy staff will ultimately lead to happy clients.
  • We are the ONLY IT support company in the area that offers a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee. Sign up with us to put an end to your most challenging computer problems. If after three months you are not delighted with our engineers or the work we do, you can cancel your service agreement with us and we will refund your fees IN FULL. What could be fairer than that? No other IT support company will stand behind their work the way we do.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Coulson Technologies is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.