Businesses are using SaaS or cloud computing more than ever, seeking flexible and affordable software solutions. Yet, the cloud isn't 100% safe from cyberthreats.

Your SaaS data is somewhat secure in the cloud, but it's not fully protected from loss or damage. Ignoring this fact is risky. Let's discuss why SaaS platforms only offer partial protection and why you need to back up your SaaS data.

How SaaS Platforms Protect Your Data

A survey found that 37% of IT leaders thought SaaS providers completely protected their data. This isn't entirely true. SaaS providers mainly focus on making your data accessible and keeping their systems working, not on guaranteeing data recovery.

For instance, Google's G Suite stores copies of your data in various places to avoid data loss. But it doesn't provide native backup features. Similarly, Microsoft's Office 365 has different backup options, but data recoverability isn't guaranteed. This means they store copies of your data, not proper backups.

Three Reasons to Back Up Your SaaS Data

Understanding the limitations of SaaS protection, here are three reasons why you should consider backing up your SaaS data:

  • Various Threats: Your data faces risks like user errors, accidental deletions, sync problems and insider threats. SaaS providers don't fully protect against these.
  • Shared Responsibility: While SaaS providers ensure system security, data protection is a shared responsibility. You must secure the data you upload.
  • SaaS Backup Lacks: SaaS platforms don't provide complete backup solutions. Reliable backups should be easy to use, secure and compliant with rules. Relying solely on SaaS providers leaves your data at risk.

Act Now to Protect Your Data

Waiting leaves your business vulnerable to data breaches or errors. Investing in a solid backup solution minimizes these risks.

Connect with Coulson Technologies for a tailored SaaS backup plan that suits your needs. Your data's safety is at stake, so take action now.

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