Kaseya: Largest Ransomware hit over July 4th holiday.  Worldwide Breach costing $70 Million dollars in ransomware.

On Friday, July 2nd, 2021 around 3 pm in the afternoon, the hacker group called REvil launched an attack against supply chain Kaseya. This same group attacked JBS meat processing plants in Australia and the US late last month.  Kaseya provides software for many IT providers / MPS (Managed Service Providers) around the world and was used to launch ransomware attacks on IT providers clients.  REvil will release the decryption tool if paid 70$ million in ransomware.  With over 60 IT companies, and over 1,500 organizations worldwide.  Source: TechCrunch

While we use other tools, we do not use Kaseya.  This attack has heightened security, and we are reviewing our own internal protocols, procedures, and security systems to make sure this does not happen to Coulson Technologies or you.

We have your back in fact we have the full breakdown of the Kaseya attack here on our partner’s blog page.  Let's talk tech with hands-on attack techniques with the Kaseya supply chain attack in this link.

Print Nightmare:

Another vulnerability has shown itself over the weekend.  Print Nightmare as it is called allows a remote attacker full system-level permission to the server, where the print spooler is located.  That means if you have a server or workstation attached via the network, or via USB, that computer.  

There is no known fix for this, and Microsoft has yet to release a patch for it.   It’s recommended to disable and stop all print spoolers on all systems, especially servers/domain controllers.  While we agree with this statement, it’s unrealistic. Most businesses need to print a variety of things including checks.

At this time we are monitoring the situation, and relying on our endpoint protection to catch and identify any suspicious behavior.  For more information on this, please visit Microsoft Vulnerability CVE-2021-34527

If you are using our advanced endpoint protection in our Coulson Care Enterprise plan, you have much less to worry about.  However, if you are on our Small Business or Limited plan, please contact us for a brief account review to ensure you have the levels of defense against these sophisticated, targeted attacks.

15 Ways.

What to see how you stack up?  Download our free “15 ways to prevent a cybersecurity attack” infographic.  Download our easy-to-print security matrix.  Do your current controls protect your organization, or are you leaving the windows and doors wide open to becoming the next ransomware news headline?  https://coulsontechnologies.com/15ways