Millions Of Possible Configurations And A True Partner!

One of the biggest benefits working with Coulson Technologies, is their ability to create complex smart part number system dynamically. Which are based on customer builds of product which has removed the restrictions from common e-commerce platforms requiring existing part numbers. It has led to efficiencies in the manufacturing process from the website they developed, gives us the part numbers which is fed into our ERP and then turned into a BOM, kicking off our supply chain process. Our customers can now choose from millions of possible product configurations with ease and get product custom built and delivered in less time than it takes the competition by aver 50%.

Reliable, Scalable Solutions!

Coulson Technologies is better than your average IT firm, as they ability to take complex business requirements, in this case lengthy and complicated part numbering schemes, and turn them into viable, reliable, scalable web based solutions.

A True Partner!

The commitment from Coulson Technologies has been above expectations. They have worked tireless through issues, patiently while we made product changes, and quickly when we needed to get to market with new product. Contractors are easy to find, but partners are hard to come by. Coulson Technologies is a true partner.

Jim McCabe
Director of IT and Product Management
Oakworks, Inc.