I Understand What And Why And Within Our Budget!

As a non-profit, Coulson Technologies is mindful of our budget. Being a non-profit we rely on the generosity of our donors, therefore it is important that we spend wisely and Coulson Technologies helps us to do that.

Being the Technology Manager I feel it is important to know what a company is doing with our data, hardware and infrastructure. Coulson Technologies takes the time to explain and walk me through each project. It gives me a better understanding of what is happening and why.

This kind of unmatched service helps me in supporting and managing our technology for my organization. In addition, they also give us great advice about hardware, software, trends, etc. They stay on top of technology, which is good for us as it can change so quickly.

I recommend Coulson Technologies. They offer great-personalized service in a timely manner. They keep their eyes on expenses and have many choices to offer.

Gail Myer
Manager of Technology Initiatives York History Center