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Donna R. Rohrbaugh

What Is Your Cost If Your System Goes Down? We Love that Coulson Technologies are both mobile and remote to resolve my PC issues. We also Love that they watch my PCs daily for error issues. When they notify us, ...

Joe Duffy

Peace Of Mind, Since 2003 The single biggest benefit using Coulson Technologies is Peace of mind to know my systems are secure and working correctly. I have been with Coulson Tech since 2003 and haven’t ever worked with any other ...

Sharon Spangler

Positive Addition To Your Team! It is obvious Coulson Technologies is extremely knowledgeable team, and more importantly they truly enjoy what they do. They always have a smile, are easy to talk with. Chris and his team are a positive ...

Anthony Tortorici

More than expected! I have been a customer of Coulson Technologies, LLC for several years and I would highly recommend them for any of your computer needs. Chris (the owner) has gone out of his way to help me and ...

Gail Myer

I Understand What And Why And Within Our Budget! As a non-profit, Coulson Technologies is mindful of our budget. Being a non-profit we rely on the generosity of our donors, therefore it is important that we spend wisely and Coulson ...

Teri Lloyd

Positive and Upbeat Problem Solving! Chris at Coulson Technologies is a very experienced Network Consultant that is always a pleasure to deal with because he enjoys a challenge and will work diligently to solve any problem you give him. I ...

Derek Coulson

Truly Inspirational! As a member of Chris's staff I was always inspired by his incredible work ethic, wealth of knowledge, and impressive ability explain complicated ideas in a simple way to users. Chris has always been great at recognizing and ...

Jonathan Aquino

Great Advice, Creative Solutions and Cost Effective! Coulson Technologies pricing stays in budget. Doesn't overcharge and even if it goes a little over time he doesn’t try to milk us for everything. They offer ways that we can help ourselves ...

Maria Eddins

Energetic And Enthusiastic Chris is always energetic about solving problems with creativity. I recommend him for IT work and technology related projects.

Dave Albright

24-7 Monitoring with Immediate Resolution! I know that our systems are protected and maintained daily with updates, patches and monitored 24-7. Any problem or concern is addressed the same day. If the situation is urgent, it is immediately addressed. The ...



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